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Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating

What Is A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating are the newest paint protection solution that will keep your vehicle cleaner and shinier. No longer will you have to worry about time-consuming tasks such as waxing or polishing.

Most ceramic coating such as Nanolex, Ceramic Pro, and Gtechniq contain silicon dioxide which is more commonly known as silica. Silica is naturally very hard which enables coating to resist swirl-marks and scratches that would otherwise ruin your finish.

Every coating manufacturer has its proprietary mix but essentially they mix liquid ceramic with silicon dioxide and sometimes even titanium dioxide to create a clear flexible barrier between the environment and your Vehicle’s paint.

Ceramic coating then bond chemically to your clear-coat via a covalent bond which ends up being the strongest type of bond in nature which allows the coating to last for many years. Waxes, on the other hand, don’t bond to your paint, they just sit on top of it which requires car owners to constantly reapply wax to keep their paint protected.

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A-la-Carte Coating Choices

C2 Liquid Crystal


  • 4-6 month Starting at
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EXO on Paint Only


  • (no paint correction) Starting at
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CSL Black 5 year on Paint Only


  • (no paint correction) Starting at
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CSU Black 9 year on Paint Only


  • (no paint correction) Starting at
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Ceramic Coating

High Solids Ceramic Car Coating

For Ultimate Protection

The results are an increase in the paint’s reflectivity and resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and dullness that lasts up to 5 years.

Get your hands on GlassParency‘s new line of pro-quality detailing products and take them for a test drive.

Kit Includes (18) products and the appropriate sprayer/pour tops:

*Kit does NOT include IPA concentrate, Glass Kits, Graphene, or Ceramic coatings

Ceramic Car Coating
Ceramic Car Coating

Crystal Serum Ultra

The Science Behind the Shine

Crystal Serum Ultra represents a major leap forward in the performance of ultra-durable paint protection, offering matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance.

Extensive real-world and laboratory tests, prove that its thicker, glossier and harder structure offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection.

Crystal Serum Ultra replaces Crystal Serum as a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer only, signature coating, with a nine-year guarantee.

Should Crystal Serum Ultra be applied incorrectly a car would need flat sanding to remove the coating.

G6 Perfect Glass

Why Use Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass?

G6 Perfect Glass is a pure formula, focused on function. All ingredients that can cause smearing have been discarded, like fragrance and cheap solvents, to produce a high-performance, powerful cleaning product.

G6 creates a positive charge on the glass helping to repel dust.

Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic Packages – Includes coating the paint and basic paint correction.

EXO 18-24 Month Starting at $725

Crystal Serum Light 5 year Starting at $750

C1 Crystal Laquer & EXO 5-7 year Starting at $800
CSL Black 5 year Starting at $975
Crystal Serum Ultra 9 year Starting at $1000
CSU Black 9 year Starting at $1200

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Get Your Ceramic Coating at CAD Call: +1 (678) 913-6620

Paint Protection Options:

We say The more you invest on protection the longer the results will last.

Ceramic Coating

C2 Liquid Crystal

6 months protection



18 months protection


Crystal Serum Light

5 Year Guarantee